(New Launch)Coming to India is the world’s first hack-proof smartphone which runs on Bitcoin


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    (New Launch)Coming to India is the world’s first hack-proof smartphone which runs on Bitcoin

    Let us tell you that within a few months, there will be a phone in the hands of Indian users, which is the world’s safest and hacked phone. The biggest thing is that the telecom company can not record the calls made by this phone. All the transactions on this phone, popularly known as Blockchain Phone, are made by the International Online Currency bitquine.

    Indian users are going to get a phone in the beginning months of the next year on which the negotiator can call the safest of the world. This smartphone, called Blockchain Smartphone, is connected to the world’s popular online currency bitcoin base computer system, on which the whole business of Popular Bitcoin works worldwide. Let us tell you that the blockchain smartphone is the world’s first crypto communicator smartphone, which has many specialties of bitcoin special apps. Through whom you can transact money anywhere in the world, the best way to do it.

    The most secure smartphone has 64GB of RAM, 4GB RAM, and all the best features of a standard smartphone are available, but the price will be a little higher i.e. about 80 thousand rupees. In this phone, the privacy of money transactions will be the safest as well. The world’s first BitVault smartphone is going to be launched in London later this month and in India VVDN Technologies will make it for Indian users. The HiTech smartphone will be in Gurgaon and soon you will be able to book this phone online. Whose delivery will start around March 2018.
    The co-founder of VVDN Technologies has given all the advantages of this phone, after knowing which many people will be desperate to take it.

    Let us tell you that any file present in the bitVault smartphone can not be modified, which is why it is almost impossible to hack the smartphone.

    Because the calls made by this phone move on the blockchain network, your telecom operators can not track any of your calls or data. Whenever the user calls the user from this phone, the QR code is generated for him which will be automatically deleted after the call is finished.

    With this you can easily do any banking transactions Indian or International on the phone. For which use of the preferred password before using the normal banking password requires fingerprint and retina scans. By using these you will be able to keep your transactions completely safe.
    One more special thing is that in this phone there are all apps related to Bitcoin transactions through which any user can make money transactions in India and abroad. The money sent in bitcoin can be changed to the local currency later by the user.
    Together, this state-of-the-art smartphone, called Blockchain phone, can become the first choice of all people, from politicians and celebrities, to the common people.



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