Reliance Jio’s New Planning Cryptocurrency -JioCoin


Reliance Jio New Cryptocurrency Planning It’s Called JioCoin

If You Are Don’t Know What Is Jio Coin ,Then Read Full Article And Know all About Off Cryptocurrency JioCoin.Reliance Jio Founder Mukesh Ambani Elder Son’s Lead To Planning Reliance Jio’s JioCoin.

Now Reliance Jio Company Plan To Build a 50 Member Of Team To Work On New Jio’s Own Cryptocurrency JioCoin.

Now Days In Jio’s Best Offering Plan And Offer For Telecome Sector.And Liking It’s Offering Every Smartphone Users On Mind. So, Reliance Jio Users Day By Day Increase And Now Jio Planning And Work For JioCoin.

Reliance Jio Company Founder Mukesh Ambani Elder Son Akash Ambani  Leading And Planning JioCoin.So, Akash Ambani Plan To Build 50 young professionals to work on blockchain technology, And which can also be used to develop applications such as smart contracts and supply chain management logistics.

What’s Cryptocurrency JioCoin?: Cryptocarrency is a decentralized digital currency, which means that the currency is not operated by any central bank. It is made only for payment based on computer networking. It awakens the winner and the first example is Bitcoin Mudra. Just like this, JioCoine will be built and it will also be a computerized currency / virtual currency, which you will not be able to touch and see, will only be used.

How To Use JioCoin? :Reliance JioCoin will be the new currency by encrypting for mutual payment on mass computer networks, which is being made from the digital system and can be kept in numeric purse. This virtual currency will be a fully open payment mechanism. This digital currency is the only electronic store. You can buy goods from JioCoin like a common currency, and accept almost all e-commerce websites. With JioCoin you will be able to pay by buying a plane ticket, hotel room, electronics, car, coffee and any other things.

Advantages Of JioCoin: While paying for common debit / credit card payments, there will be no such thing in Jiocoine. There will be no additional charge for this transaction. Because of this, this can be popular. Apart from this, it will also be fast and secure. Let us tell you that there will be no credit limit in the same order as in the credit card itself. Nor will it be the problem of taking cash as cash. Without knowing the identity of the buyer, every transaction of the entire JioCoine network will be known. Like bittoin, it will be effective and popular anywhere in the world, with no boundaries.


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